Friday, March 4, 2011


It's been a long month.

I lost my job. Paul and I waited for weeks for an urgent package that seems to have vanished somewhere between Ireland and New Jersey.

Today, I found out that my Frankie is very sick and may have lymphoma, which the vet tells us is the most common form of cancer in cats. She's lost a lot of weight and has not been herself.

Most of today has revolved around a visit to the vet. I sat parked outside with Frankie before they even opened. I sat and waited while they took blood and x-rays and was sent home to wait while they arranged for an ultra sound and biopsy. I went back with Paul and we discussed options and I learned how to give Frankie IV fluids to keep her hydrated.

There was a lot of waiting and I kept glancing down at my phone and seeing this.

Its an app that's supposed to tell me the safety status of other apps I've downloaded to my phone, but today I hoped it was a personal assurance that "everything is OK."

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