Saturday, June 4, 2011

Some Days Need a Little Sparkle

I was having something of a long day. Feeling a bit low on energy and focus--a grey cloud hanging overhead.

I decided to combat that with a bit of sparkle. So I donned the little tiara my friend Selina gave me when she stayed with us for Celebrant Graduation. I think everyone should have a little sparkle in their lives.
©Cristina Kollet 2011

Silly as it is, when I catch a glimpse of it in the mirror it tends to cheer me up. The tiara reminds me of a great weekend and good friends and to make sure that I do a little something for myself in the midst of a busy day.

Today, whenever I saw my reflection, I also reminded myself to take it off before I went out. Of course, I forgot. I went to the vet to pick up Frankie from her Chemo session wearing my tiara.

When I got home, there it was still perched on my head--though towards the back by my pony tail.

I'm not sure anyone noticed. I probably shouldn't care. Who would begrudge a person a little sparkle after all?

In college I had a hat that was my thinking cap. It was Figment the Dragon from Epcot center and was a souvenir from a trip to Florida. (It looked like this.) I wish I had a picture from graduation, I wore that had and made a mortar board for it complete with tassel. My tiara is my thinking cap now.

If you have a tiara, or a thinking cap, or a viking helmet, or ratty, worn-out baseball hat that perks you up on a hard day, I say wear it with pride!

©Cristina Kollet 2011


  1. Love you in your thinking-cap-tiara, Cris! Now I understand your current profile pic on FB! -Shae

  2. Adding a little sparkle to your life is a guaranteed way to lift your spirits. Glad you found your "thinking cap!"

  3. princess in waitingJune 30, 2011 at 6:16 PM

    When ever I travel to Europe, I make it a point to go to museums and lust after royal jewelry or the treasures of rich old families. Deep in my heart of hearts the stuff is mine... especially the tiaras and crowns.

    It is my fantasy to dress up in 12the or 13th royal century garb topped with a crown on my head.


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