Friday, September 2, 2011

52 Weeks of Photos, Week 2 Lighting: Reflective/Reflections

Last year I participated in a photo challenge--52 Weeks of Photos onAltDotLife. At the beginning of the 52 weeks, a list of topics (one for each week) was posted. Each week participants would submit their photos and then vote on their favorites. I even won a few times.

Well, it's starting up again--this time without the voting. Last time I didn't manage to participate every week. This time, it's my goal to submit a photo for every week.

I didn't take as many pictures for last week's entry as for week 1. I started with this picture, which was initially an attempt to take a picture of my eye to check how it was healing. (I'd scratched it and was taking drops four times a day.)

Before you get too impressed with my ability to take a picture of my own eye, it's cropped down from this--I have several shots where I didn't even get close to my eye. 

When I saw the reflection of the window, I thought I might use the picture for Week 2.
After Hurricane Irene took over the week, between preparing and dreading, and moving things to be in the "safest" areas of the house, my photos found a new focus.
I liked this one, with light reflecting off the stop sign and the remnants of Irene in the background.

The picture I ended up choosing was a surprise I found when I downloaded the pictures on my camera.

This was before Irene hit. We were running some last minute errands and generally checking out the area and how people were preparing. I stuck the camera out the window to catch Target's boarded up entrance. 
I love how the window seems to reflect the darker skies we were waiting for.

Week 3's topic is Perspective: High Angle. I think I got a good shot today, but you'll have to wait till next time to see it!

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