Friday, November 4, 2011

A Voice for Radio?

Last night began my fourth year of teaching for the Celebrant Institute. The first year, I taught one class in person and one class online. The next two years all of the classes were online. Online classes were typed chat sessions. While I loved having the transcripts to look back at for reference, my hands were always tired after a night of teaching.

This year we’re using Go To Training. The students and I can actually talk to one another and I can show them slides.

I had anticipated it to be very much like an in person class, but without being able to see each other. Instead, it felt like I was hosting a talk radio show. Maybe it was the headset and saying things like, “and now, let’s talk to Jane from Colorado…”

It was nice to associate voices with my students and to hear them actually laugh when they found something funny. I guess that’s where the radio comparison ends, because a radio host can’t hear all the people they are speaking to.

This is going to be an interesting school year.

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