Thursday, September 29, 2011

Road Trip: Day 4 OK TX NM

Today was a good day. Reports from home were encouraging. I'd had a good night's sleep and breakfast at the hotel was very tasty.

We left very early--around 7AM. Our route took us into and through Oklahoma, across that square bit at the top of texas, and into New Mexico.

We stopped for BBQ along the way. It was awesome. Round-Up seems to be frequented by the locals--usually a good indicator of where to eat. The ribs were cooked with a dry rub that was delicious and spicey. The BBQ sauce was served on the side. Great BBQ can be a religious experience. This was damn close.

I enjoyed the changes in landscape today as we followed part of what was old Route 66. Oklahoma wasn't as flat as I had expected--there were some rolling hills that made for a lovely drive. Texas, on the other hand, was flat but I was impressed with their wind farms.

New Mexico gave us an amazing sunset with just a sliver of moon above.

I am still without my laptop so more pics will be posted later. But here are a few to get you going. I need some sleep.

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