Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Because "Happy Holidays" is a NICE Thing to Say...

The whole "War on Christmas" thing really annoys me every year. It's divisive and I don't think the people who promote that idea really care about the spirit of the season at all. 

I live surrounded by a rich diversity of cultures and traditions. I like saying "Happy Holidays" because I think it's inclusive of everyone whether they celebrate Christmas or Yule, Festivus, Chanukah, or Kwanza, or (as Jon Stewart said) "end of the fiscal fourth quarter."

When I saw this vintage Santa on The Graphics Fairy, a number of things went through my head. "Aren't those kids freezing?" "Wait, is Santa on his way in or out?" 

I realized this scene was a great chance for Santa to say what's on my mind every year, so I made a card.  You can get it on Zazzle.

Cards by Lifeat30Feet ©2011 by Cristina Kollet
Original image courtesy of

"Remember kids, saying 'Happy Holidays' just means that you are courteous enough to acknowledge the rich diversity of holidays being celebrated by all the peoples of the Earth at this festive time of year."

Peace and Joy to everyone from Lifeat30Feet!

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